Official Announcements

Topics concerning official announcements from the LiquidSky Team including patch notes, updates, service changes, outages, server expansions etc.

Report a Bug

A category where users may freely report any bugs found in client, errors encountered, technical support issues, networking/server problems and receive assistance.

User Guides/Getting Started

A category for posting guides on LiquidSky, workarounds, new user help, and other information to inform/assist other users.

Q & A

General topic for questions and answers not related to bugs or account recovery.


A category where users can find exclusive contests, giveaways and other events from LiquidSky!

General Discussion

A category for overall discussion on Liquidsky and its product/service.

Free for All

Where gamers come to play and dank memes come to stay! In Free for All, anything goes!

Device Optimizations

A category for discussing optimal devices, programs and device settings for use with LiquidSky.

Game Optimizations

A category for optimizing performance within specific games and their settings for use within LiquidSky.

Regional Support

A category for users seeking regional support and localized language support on specific issues concerning their LiquidSky experience.

Suggest a Feature

A category where users may suggest features in order to improve LiquidSky or innovative features to help improve our product/service.

User Showcase/Creations

A category for showcasing user creations including music, videos, movies, art and anything else created using LiquidSky!

Gaming Discussion

A category where users may discuss all things gaming! Including news on the latest game releases, game reviews, console releases and more! If your looking for a place to just sit back and hang with your fellow gamers, here is the place to do it.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Account Recovery

A category where users who have been banned on LiquidSky or on our social media may reach out and receive assistance concerning their bans.

Looking for Group

Looking for some new friends to play with? Use this category to find other people from the LiquidSky community that are looking to group up for their adventure.