1 billion Fps challenge


Hey there! I have a challenge for you! Do anyone know any game that is really low resources hungry and that can run on PRO Liquidsky plan? I just want to see the maximum Fps that the pro liquidsky computer can reach! Any game accepted, but it’s preferred a really low end game like powder toy or something similar! Can we reach 1000 Fps? And what about 10.000 Fps? The challenge start NOW!


I think LowSpecGamer did that with a GTX 1050 on a desktop- with low end config files the highest he got was almost 300 on Half-Life 2 XD But hey, who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:


A lower end game? I want to reach at least 1000fps! Can we do it anyway?


Well some games have a hard cap limit on frames. Some games max out at 300, others don’t have any. Varies from game-to-game :confused: What games do you have in mind?


Older games have an FPS cap and newer games demand more resources. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, the highest fps i have ever seen were 2400 fps with my laptop running minecraft(but with almost no render distance and a resolution so small yiu could only read the fps and nothing else) and that was on a intel hd 4000


Maybe the first Quake? Or some really old 3Dfx game from the 90s. If there’s no cap, fps should skyrocket.


I have once played cs go on 800 fps. On a 60hz monitor :joy:


I’m running Lubuntu 14.04 with AMD 6700M open source drivers(Gallium 0.4 on AMD TURKS), I can get around 3.6-3.7 kfps on glxgears with vblank_mode=0. Presumeably we could go higher by using a more powerful card and doing glxheads(2d rendering) instead of glxgears(3d rendering).


You can go Dwarf Fortress

But if you ain’t into that whole world building biz, then try Caves of Qud of Cogmind.

Both are low end games, but are relatively recent, though the graphics may or may not be to your liking.


Well, my brother has a 1080ti and an i7 8700k, tell me a game to try to see if it hits 1 bilion fps


TF2 reports fps being in 2600s in loading screens on matrix-980ti. Jet get low 300s in game