2 Bugs. That I discovered today


First one : I was playing Skyrim SE. And everything is smooth when I look forward, but If I turn mouse everything goes to blur and fps drops hardly, starts to lag.
Second one : Internet was really slow today (don't know if its bug) 2Gb game from steam downloaded in like 20+min. Speed was 0Bytes/s every other second.


Hey thewits,
Which datacenter were you connecting to?



I am connected to Londons Data Center.


I can't respond to the Internet speed as that is likely due to the setup on LiquidSky's side.

However, with regard to the freezes/blurring, this is likely going to be a combination of factors that are adding up to a poorer game experience for you. I believe there is some work that LS has to do on their side to improve server performance and connection, but there are a few things you can do:

  • Make sure you are using a wired connection to your router. If you are wifi, make sure it is a high speed wifi connection, or use a device to connect your network through the power outlets in your house.
  • Second, ensure that no other applications or devices on your network are using your Internet connection while you are gaming. If your connection is slowed due to housemates or family, etc, then it's going to slow you down (of course!).
  • Optimize your PC's performance. You can reduce visual effects and many services to improve the performance of your PC and give the LS client an easier time to run. Remember that both the network and your local latency (PC performance) will affect the quality of your gaming experience, so we must do whatever we can to improve the performance of our hardware.

Lastly, you can run a tracert to your router and the server you are connecting to through LS to see if there is packet loss from your ISP. That might be something that is affecting you.

Good luck. It's a process.