2 Peoples play 2 diferent Games on one PC


Hello all

Can Play with 2 Peoples play 2 diferent Games on one PC?

1st game on desktop PC and 2nd game over LS on the 2nd monitor at the same time playing games (with a friend on a PC)

Is it possible, If you have 2 monitors 2 keyboards and 2 mouse, to play 2 games on a PC with 2 people?

On the first screen runs a game which is started on the PC and on the 2nd screen LiquidSky is started with another game that a friend can play with.

is that possible? tried it but can only ever control one of the 2 games. have 2 times keyboard and mouse

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Great idea, but sadly, I don’t think this is possible. Windows isn’t capable of assigning these input methods to different applications, at least afaik.


its possible i have search in the internet for that


or http://miniframe.com/#download


haha not a lot of people know about that :rofl: I remember 3 years ago I had mac os running off my tv with a mouse and keyboard while having windows on the other pc. It was really great for gaming on windows and producing on the mac at the same time. so much fun :grin: If you do look into miniframe though MAKE SURE you have 2 gpus in your system. I had a laptop with nvidia graphics and intel hd 4000 so i was able to split the gpus. It will be a bad experience on just one.


why 2 GPUS??? the DeskPC only Runs 1 game and the LS client The LS PC Runs the second Game 1 good GPU on the Desk PC


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