4 skycredits every minute?


I do not understand before the GAMER charged me 1 per minute and the PRO 2 per minute. And a while ago I entered and checked and now the GAMER is 2 per minute and the PRO 4 per minute … why ??


The wont more $$ there getting gready and its rill not cool i can play ever game out right now on the gamer plan now we pay the same amout of cash and get less gaming time thay shuld chang it back going this rate it will just be a pro plan cost $50 and a burn rate of 5 or 6 maby 7


That burn rate only applies to Beginner plan (former PAYG). For subscribers, it’s still 1/2.
You’re also getting 2x as many SkyCredits on Beginner plan compared to PAYG, which compensates for the higher burn rate.

There is still the price increase from 10 $ to 15 $, but if you switch to a subscription, you will keep the Beginner plan credits, and they will also burn at the lower 1/2 rate, effectively doubling their value.


Yeah tru that,but subscription its not more 20 $ but 30$ and you get only 1000 credits for that 10 $


In my case i will quit using liquid sky soon.Maybe next month or so.40$ for one month is to much for me its just dont worth.Before it was good 20$ plus vat and payment fee itc cost me around 25 $ but now 30$ + vat + payment fee it cost me 40$.I know nobody telling me to play if its too expensive for me but i really dont see that that decision is smart.For extra 10 dollars i got nothing but extra 1000 credits.Before i was paying 20 $ every month and you told us that we who aere vip we will play outside peak time for only 1 credits using pro but instead we got price increase and got nothing in return.And that vip idea was joke!What we got?Spinning star on profile picture.


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So when you dont like someting you put it were it wont be seen another stabe in the back


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