423 Sorry you have been banned [solved]


Please help me on pc client says that i have been banned…on android im ok


Although the staff is possibly reading here, I think the most effective way to get qualified support is to create a Ticket.


As @Thorsten6 said, a support ticket is always the best way in such a case.

What you can do rather quickly though is delete the LiquidSky folder in %appdata%, then redownload and reinstall the client. Perhaps something’s just wrong with the data of your client.


I try to create an account for trial and its says the same that i have been banned,i try other password on my account like ufdsiothsuioed and it says that i have been banned.So its a bug.


So yeah, best contact support at liquidskysupport.zendesk.com.


That’s odd - your IP should have unbanned. I’ll see if I can get a dev to look into it.

What device are you connecting through?


J delete the liquidsky and reinstalled now it’s ok. :slight_smile: