60 FPS in game! Although the gameplay still feels around 20fps ON MY END



Hello! I’m extremely new to LS! although I’m having a troubling experience. Note that my computer is a little bit out of date, although meet the minimum requirements to use the app and stream services. I also am hard wired to my router with the highest possible internet plan I can get from my provider.

I tried the Doom Beta and it was extremely buggy/unplayable. The gameplay wasn’t smooth at all at optimized settings. I was very curious on the FPS of the game and ACCORDING TO STEAM it was at 60fps! So even playing the game at 60fpsusing LS on my end it felt nearly unplayable.

So my question is ON MY END how can I improve myself in order to better use LS to its full potential!


First off: hi, and welcome! :beers:

Good thing you already tried the fps counter,
that rules out your SkyPC being faulty. :+1:
What kind of hardware are you using? Like, exact cpu & gpu type, OS version, and network specs (LAN, 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz wifi? Download/upload/ping speeds according to speedtest.net)? And what data center are you connecting to, and how far is it from your place?



CPU:INTEL i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50Ghz
Running Windows 10

Ping: Around 9-25 Sometimes (Run multiple Tests)
My download is nearly 50, and my upload is about 12 or at a high 14. (Ran multiple times)
I have a 2.4GHz Wifi, although I’m hardwired… not sure if that makes a difference.
I’m also about 5-6hours away from Dallas, TX. (Which is the Data Center I use)


Thanks. Tricky one… :thinking:

So, your local hardware is definitely capable enough. You can try to run LS on your built-in gpu (Intel HD 4600?), to see if it makes a difference. I’m also using my laptop’s built-in HD 620 instead of the dedicated MX150. But anyway, you’re way aboce the minimum system requirements, so there’s definitely no problem there.

2.4 GHz wifi is a huge issue, because it’s extremely prone to interference. But when you’re using an ethernet connection to your router, it doesn’t matter, because, well, you’re not on wifi in that case. Your internet is also more than fast enough.

If you haven’t installed much on your SkyPC yes, you can also try to delete it, and create a new one. I doubt this will fix it tbh, but it won’t hurt to try (again: only if you haven’t installed a lot of stuff already).

Have you already created a support ticket at liquidskysupport.zendesk.com? Support doesn’t check the forums regularly, a support ticket will make the issue sort of official. I’ll pass this along nonetheless, maybe someone else has an idea.


Awesome! That’s kind of an relief!

I’ll try deleting my Sky ComputerI Dont have too much on it tbh. You also pointed out trying to run it on my Intel HD 4600. I’ll also give that a go as well!

I believe I did open a ticket, but haven’t got a reply yet.

Thanks for the troubleshoots!


Np, we’ll get this resolved eventually. Support usually isn’t available on weekends, LiquidSky are a small company, so there’s no 24/7 cusstomer & tec support (yet). So that’s probably why. But I’ve passed this topic on, just to make sure.

There were issues with choppy streeam, just like the one you’re describing, in the past, usually during periods of high load on the servers (peak time). But I haven’t seen this since in months now, since the new streamer has been implemented and polished.


Lmao… I’ll be trying most of those troubleshoot you mentioned. Hopefully that helps a lil. I bought the Prestige and I only play on PRO.

Are there any other steps you’d recommend?


just keep trying every few hours. In my experience, LS is many things but reliable. There are days, where it is possible to play flawlessly, with great graphics and fps and no input lag at all. But most days, it is unplayable with super low fps (in-game, not the connection) or input delays of 2-3 seconds (with high fps ingame, but very few on my end). I am on the Frankfurt server and even at times, where the servers shouldn’t be too loaded (working days, after lunch time), playing is often unstable.
Not sure if your internet connection/hardware really is the problem, tbh. I have fibre-to-the-home (100mbits) and am using an older laptop. Just don’t get your hopes too high about Liquid Sky. It has been like this for over a year now. Communication with customers/community has improved a lot, but technically, not much has happened (or if it has, it didn’t change anything on the user’s side (at least for me…)).


In this case it appears to be more client side than server, though this is a beta service and does have its fair share of hitches at times.

@GirthyAfro Save from trying to use integrated (you’ll have to set it in Nvidia Control Panel- by default the dGPU should run the client) maybe try this?



Do I run this wowinterface on my computer or on Liquidsky?

And what do you mean by client side?

I’ve also been looking at a new router preferably a 5Ghz one.


Probably on your computer- client side refers to your end as it’s definitely not server-side. In your case you may not need a 5GHz router (Though it is a bonus if you have wireless devices capable of using such connection medium), but rather a router that can act as a better bridge. Although one more thing that just came to mind is your stream stats (click on the LS logo on the top left of the client)- it might tell us a touch more information about what is going on (having some local latency issues myself even though nothing’s changed with the setup- though there has been a connectivity issue ongoing as far as I know which could be the issue).


Do you have the possibility to test on another network (different ISP)? I’m asking because my old ISP messed up the routing to the data center., which resulted in poor stream performance and ugly pixelation. You can run a traceroute from your local pc to the data center, to see if there’s anything unusual (instructions here).


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