802.11ac & 802.11ad....wow


So I was doing some research on 802.11ac adapters and routers to find out the fastest speed available. I then found an article about the best routers for 2017 and notice one with a rating of AD7200 for $399. It looks like 802.11ad will be the next generation of wifi and can keep up with modern ethernet connections.

802.11ac routers are rated up to AC5400, but most usb adapters and smartphones are limited to AC1200 or AC600. I feel this is useful information to the community and LS because you can bottleneck your connection if you don't know what your router or device/adapter is rated at.

Here is the article and it explains more about AC and AD wifi ratings.


Forget about ad - aY is gonna be the thing! :wink:


Here is the good question..Is this really needed? Most internet providers do not exceed the speed needed beyond 802.11ac. My phone is 802.11ac and it uses my internet just as fast as another as being hard-wired and my speed is 45MBs. I think 802.11ac is all you really ever need and nothing is ever going to beat the good old Ethernet cord for gaming.


AC WiFi isn't really the bandwidth bottleneck, the biggest issue with WiFi is the added latency and interference. On the 5 GHz spectrum, this isn't as big of an issue.


The problem I have with 802.11ac is that sometimes it only connects with a single bandwidth of 144mbps. I have to reconnect multiple times until I get a high bandwidth. Didn't know about AY, but the AD routers are on the market so I would assume 802.11ad Android devices will be available this year or early 2018.

If your router is rated at AC600 and your device is rated at AC1200, that would technically be a bottleneck unless your internet plan was not capable of AC1200 speeds.


I got an internet gateway through U-Verse here in the US and it has 802.11ac but I have to agree with Zach. What really needs to happens is to improve the latency and interference to make the connection less latency so that things such as LiquidSky would not get as much input lag.