$9.99 Gamerplan option?


For a limited time only, Gamer plans will be available for $9.99 for the next THREE months. So don’t miss your opportunity. as it was said by liquidsky moderators...

as it is shown that the 3 next payments be made $9.99 automatically instead of the regular $14.99 and im trying to buy it again since i have bought it when it was on sale !
But what is shown to me on gamerplan is 14,99$? any help!


Were you actually charged $14.99, or is that just what it shows under Payment History on LiquidSky's site? I'm on the $9.99 Gamer plan (as an early adopter) and the payment history keeps showing $14.99 each month, but according to my credit card transactions, I'm actually charged $9.99.


The payment shows 14,99 but they just charged 9,99


I don't want to spam the forum and since it seems that your issue has been dealt with, I just wanted to ask how to activate the paid game plans? When I was signing up (week ago), it was not possible to chose any other plan besides the free beta. The other plans were displayed (the one for 5$ and 10$) but I could not select them.
I thought that this might be due to the Addblocker, but even after disabling it, all I could chose was the free plan.