A rather cheap android phone for LiquidSky?


So I've been looking into switching to android from iOS. Mainly because i can install LiquidSky there and android controllers are way cheaper than Mfi controllers.

Obviously, I intend to play while connected to good, strong internet connections. Anyone know of an android phone that will run LiquidSky? Most importantly, at 60fps (720 or 1080, no problem as long as its 60fps)


What is your definition of cheap? Does it really have to be a smartphone? If you wanted a tablet you could keep your iOS. In LS's download page they recommend a Nexus 9 for 1080p 60fps gaming. I prefer the Shield K1 tablet, which people say is very good for cloud gaming.
A cheap Smartphone to run at 60FPS, maybe one of those Chinese? I have a "cheap" from Samsung and it doesn't run at 60FPS with quality maxed out. Let's hope someone else has a suggestion if you really want a smartphone.


I think the most important aspect of buying an android device capable of running Liquid Sky smoothly is having an 802.11ac wifi device and router. It is the newest and fastest wifi connection available, and it is dual band.

I recently used Liquid Sky with an 802.11n router and could not achieve a smooth connection. This could also be the result of an old router or weak router signal.


When I mean cheap, I mean something that isn't so recent(Galaxy S7 tier), perphaps something not cheap-chinese made, but a phone that isn't complete overkill, something just enough to run liquid sky smoothly. I think it would be easier to find this if the downloads page for android actually had specs instead of just recommended devices. The latest version of the OS isn't too helpful either.

I wouldnt go for a tablet, as I wouldn't really use it besides LiquidSky. A phone is more practical. And I've been looking for a reason to replace my 5s so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh so you want to retire your 5s. Well, something like a S5 or S6 should do it, but I guess we should wait for someone else's opinion.
You could look for a phone with dual band wifi (like 802.11ac) and check if it can run 60fps streaming.


Oneplus one? The original model is cheap and powerful. They are a china company but there are a lot of people who like them...


My old galaxy s5 works great with LS and I started using it exclusively so that I can reduce the hours and preserve battery life on my new s7.


personally i recomend samsung galaxy s6 on basis of owning it myself.

everything works just fine framerate is smooth and all that one ocaisional thing if ur internet isnt fast enough sound can stutter a bit but if u have fast net its not a issue

p.s freaking awesome to play games everywhere

p.ps if u have old ps3 laying around u can use its controller with ur phone if u root it 1st


I've tried LiquidSky on a Nexus 6 and a OnePlus 2 with a 5GHz AC router within the same room.

Experience was so-so on both. My expectations may have been too high but I got periodic lag/signal distortion bursts every couple minutes (not terrible but enough to screw me momentarily in races). That being said, I was using a bluetooth controller that the phones docked into.

I'd really evaluate your expectations for what you want to be able to play before making a $200+ decision. I don't think their Android app is all that great over WiFi sadly.

Was probably 8 months ago that I tested this so definitely a few versions have come out since - maybe it's better now


Yeah this is one of my main concerns. I'd probably invest around 200+ as there is no way in hell I'm using touch screen controls. (at least it beats paying 100+ just for a controller for iOS though!)


They have said multiple times that bluetooth controllers aren't the best for gaming on android. Either wifi or wired controller.


Be that as it may, I can play latency free with the same bluetooth controllers on PC. I think their stack needs a bit of work maybe on Android.


I dont really care for wired stuff as long as I can take the phone to the pooper and play while I do my business.