A really weird LiquidSky Dream


I had this really weird dream and it had something to do with LS so I thought I would tell ya all about it!

Me and my girlfriend (Which I don't have one yet) were getting into her car to go somewhere. She asked how much credits should I spend to go? I said I don't know let me check. I was on this different LS pick a server thing where the packages where in a spindle like when you hold playing cards and they went clear from green to orange then to red. Red costs the most but I had a lot of credits; I had 4k credits and she just chose to pick the 10 credit tier but I said I wanted to try the fastest so I chose one that was between orange and red because they were kind of hard to tap on; on my phone. I told her to be careful because they sometimes charge even when your engine is off. She said oh really? So she started up her car and turned the key to shut the engine off. Her credits kept depleting and she said YOUR RIGHT! (BTW I don't remember what we planned on doing with the credits or what so this is some random thing going on) I told her well if we are going to be charged whether the car was on or off; I said lets CRANK UP THE STEREO So I got out of the car and I could feel the concrete shaking she had her radio so loud and I hopped into my car and had a blast with some super high volume music!

Thought I would just share this to entertain you all; have you had any dreams having to do with LS?


Strangely yes. In my dream Me and my brother upgraded our internet plan to 150mbps and data centre was about 20km from me. We played battle field 1 flawlessly in high settings. Then my PC blew up and I ended up with my present PC. What dream, never wanted to wake up..


I once dreamed that I was dating my dads girlfriend (basically my imaginary mom) while she was cheating on my sister! :grin:
But I'm not that bad to dream of liquid sky!
Also she was hot sooo....
Yeah! Not liquid Sky!

"Just thoaught I'd share that with you all"


Cool stories to hear; I hope to hear more! These can be interesting to read :slight_smile:


i just dream that liquidsky keep their promise, and get better,for the new update coming next month, lately in may shield its a lot of lag, i am getting beat in fifa 16 because of that and hoping to play fifa17 ,because right cant.
Sorry its not a dream is a nightmare.


Lol I have had dreams like that too where everything is nice and you wake up and your like darn I wish that was my real life! :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. What's your name bro and where are you from?


Hey my name is William and I am from Missouri in the United States. Nice to meet you.


My name is Abijith and I am from India. Nice to meet you too