A Special Surprise for our early forum users from LiquidSky!


You asked for it! And it's finally here!

We've been hard pressed here at LiquidSky, working on a slew of major updates coming soon for our users all around the world! As expected, testing for our latest feature was extended due to the sheer volume of updates that we are in the process of pushing out for our next major update.

But it's finally time we gave you what you've all been asking for! A chance to register and use our exclusive, never-before seen alpha feature, coming soon to LiquidSky! As previously suggested, any users accepted into our alpha test will be kept under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to maintain legal obligations.

Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED, So please be wary and register before space fills up and the link is taken down!

In order to register for our exclusive alpha feature, please enter at the link below and follow the instructions.

The link will close soon, so hurry up and sign up before its too late!

Good Luck ;D


It is interesting, as a regular LiquidSky user you have got my attention. Why would this feature be under NDA? As far as I can imagine you need to test some kind of new platform (operating system) to eliminate bugs, that would pretty commonly occur with the server's hardware.


Honestly its so under wraps, even I don't know what it is.


when we can find out? i already joined in the entry.


Damn, could not register. No mercy for the UK time. :sweat:


I couldn't get in either. The registration started at 1 o'clock midnight here in Switzerland. :cry:

Is it somehow possible to still obt-in? Please? :innocent:
Might there be another registration for us in the European timezone? :slight_smile:


Waw i'm to late already. And yeah like Kenishi said not so fair for europeans :confused:


Already too late :frowning:

Any chance of a special invite for people who are already active on your forums and attempting to help?


normally the registration worked for me well .


I agree. I live in France and it started at 1 AM here. When I was sleeping.


In my opinion if LiquidSky wanted a more broad test audience (from more different countries and continents), than this small unannounced registration application was the wrong way to do it.

I mean pretty much everyone (except the occasional nightowl) from Europe got excluded from this Alpha test since when that link was posted it was already midnight over here.... :frowning:

How about this method instead? In order to enter the contest you have to be logged into liquidsky. Only IP addresses that have a geo location where the servers from LiquidSky are located can enter in the contest, and only a certain amount of IP addresses per location can enter. That would make such a contest much more fair and less based on whether or not you are asleep when the contest starts....


We are not looking for a test audience, as we have sufficiently tested the feature through our own in-house and regional based testing in order to prepare it for user functionality.

This was more of a first come, first serve treat for those who were able to sign up in time :gift:

And while they're are many who did not make it, who's to say we might not release a second link in the future? ;D

Follow us and keep your eyes peeled across all our social media, as you never know when were gonna drop the link next!


It's a bit disappointing to hear that. :disappointed:
It sounds like a standard answer you get to comfort people. :sweat_smile:

The second link - who knows if ever and when in the future it'll be. I was so excited when I read that yesterday, but even more disappointed to see it wasn't possible to register at 5 in the morning... I even set my alarm for that... :sweat:

Would be interesting to know when that second link will be posted, a rough time frame would be highly appreciated. Some days, months or years? :worried:

I really hope the next registration will be more "Europa - friendly". Fingers crossed. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, please let us know what's coming up. Keep it up.
All the best,


Well i hope to catch the next one :yum:


I am probably one of the rare people that does not like alpha things. I don't even want alpha access to this new feature because it is likely very buggy. The Liquid Sky client is already buggy enough. I would rather just wait for the alpha feature when its been tested and made stable.


Hey WDSnav91,

Now lets not jump to conclusions either! ;D

As stated before, the feature has been sufficiently tested already and this is not user testing or else we could've simply pushed it to the client or our own testing server.

This is merely exclusive early access as a treat for our early users, as we appreciate all the feedback you have given us and felt we should give back to the community in some way, as we finalize our major upcoming update.

Those who are successfully able to register may also be randomly selected for a second free gift, that has nothing to do with the client at all :gift:

So don't stray from signing up and keep a look out on the forums and social media for your next opportunity to sign up!


I see Justin but I don't think this early users thing is true. It's all about being randomly selected instead. I have been in liquid sky by inviting 3 friends to get in. This was hard enough that I think there should be other ways for people that have been loyal; especially paying customers and I even have a subscription and I don't have access to this feature. I am usually not on the internet when they bring up a link to grab them so I don't see how this is a fair way to do it...


Allow me to clear up any confusion you may have then!

There is no random selection, all users who sign up will be given access. We are intentionally rewarding our earliest and loyal users who are active with us on and off the client by granting them an opportunity to sign up for early access.

We have also previously stated we would be re-releasing the links for users who could not make it in time. While the feature will be released in the near future to all our users, this is a special treat for those who follow us on and off the LiquidSky Client.

An additional reward may also be given out to those who sign up!


Ok I am an early user; where is my link/key?


what time we can start the test? it's been 5 days.