A Temp Workaround for Jitter Lag



OK, so I have noticed a lot of comments on the Discord regarding the rise in jitter and high Bandwith consumption. And while the second one isn’t exactly something I can directly fix (its a known bug that’s being worked on atm), I believe I have found a least a solution to try to help with the jitter. The basic rundown is instead of using the preset connection settings, you select Custom, which is at the very bottom. After that, you get an option to change the settings for the framerate, bandwith, and resolution. For my rig, I was able to use something like this:

The basic idea stems back from the old streamer (funny considering it was rebuilt from the ground up… :thinking:). The thing that helped me was to UNCAP my framerate, and I was able to set the resolution to 1080p. Now, the bandwith slider should be set to slightly less than what you could get on a speedtest, maybe around half of your download speed. Doing that for me fixed some of the screen lag I would get and even helped improve the stream framerate. Give it a shot, and let me know if it works for you guys.

Note, that I will try to update ASAP with a video example of this happening (hopefully tomorrow).


That’s great if it worked for you. As from my own perspective, the new streamer works fine for me.
Well, only drawback is that it consumes double the amount of bandwidth as it was earlier.
(Devs would fix that soon.):slightly_smiling_face:


We need to remember to reset HD+ after going into Streamer settings when checking this after the selection has been made. This is old LS client bug.

Another fix for another client/streamer bug is is the setting of priority and affinity for CPU cores for streamer.exe. We still need to manually set these in latest client builds,.

Android users can not download 0.4.11 from apkmirror website, which means I can not use App Cloner to use Skycomputer with 0.4.11 on SATV as easily. I side loaded 0.4.11 too SATV after downloading on Shield Tablet but better android TV support would be cool too.


Its now changed to skybeam.exe now


Unfortunately, that is the the only apparent change! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have to admit I just leave affinity and priorities as they are. Not sure if this old workaround helps with new streamer, just that those fixes were supposed to be baked in a long time ago . Just confirming latest client builds still do not have those fixes baked in.

Does new streamer perform any better for you after applying the old affinity and priority fixes?

I am still using up old skycredits and have not made any purchases since the Sky Store changes yet. I do see skybeam.exe but am not sure if I am actually using the new streamer or not, thinking maybe I need to create new VM for all the new updates to be applied after making a purchase of skycredits to get fully updated.


Last time I checked it ain’t required anymore. The main focus of that fix is to resolve the stuttering.
Me personally I never had to use it anymore.

I would probably leave the current VM you have right now, making a new VM shouldn’t be needed.

From Morgan a few weeks ago:
if you have skybeam, you have the new streamer. Affinities have been fixed, just might not be the way you’d expect to see


Previous “input control” of mouse worked better.
I many month (from May 2017) used 1080/60 on 15 Mb/s settings. It worked fine for me in previous versions LiquidSky. But now I have a big latency of mouse moving. Helps only change Framerate to 30 and change Priority of LiquidSky.exe process to “Above Normal”. This is tolerable for a temporary solution. But anyway currently mouse not work good, as it be half month ago. I dunno why. Maybe LiquidSky client not use CPU cores (on Software decoder) enough as previous? Only 20-30% of CPU using by LiquidSky.exe.


Really wish I could play but the mouse keeps lagging and the pixelated/stuttering stream is now worse thanks to the new streamer, hindering my experience.


Devs are on it and fixing this issue. Hopefully, it should be fixed soon :slightly_smiling_face:


The evidence of that would be bug fixes , the addition of client features, blog posts showcasing how awesome new updates bring perceivable changes for the better and working input devices.

A LS client capable of being used for simple desktop tasks will be a start to making LS client fit for gaming!


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