A useful feature on Andriod Client


When I play games on LiquidSky Andriod Client,I usually touch the screen when I use a virtual controller.So I want a feature that we can disable the mouse operating when we play games.I think it can upgrade our operating feeling.Thanks!

By the way,I’m a LiquidSky’s loyal user from China,so maybe I could have some grammar mistakes in English,I’m sorry!


Dude, your English is perfectly fine, don’t worry. :wink:
That’s actually a good suggestion, I’ll pass it on to LiquidSky staff.


Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Android. The only way around this is to root your Android. There are some apps out there that claim to do this (like Octopus), but it seems like it only works for games played off your native device.


What does this have to do with Android? The feature he is suggesting would simply not pass touches as mouse movement to the sky PC, when enabled. I agree with this suggestion. One of the most infuriating things about using the on screen touchpad is when you miss the touchpad and move the mouse on accident, screwing up your game.


I agree with the OP. And the virtual controls could also improve further. Stick to edges/a grid when relocating them. Make a transparency setting. Hide/disable buttons.

I don’t think the virtual controls have been updated since the very first beta (?) Seems they have been completely overlooked even altough they are one of the biggest on-the-go feature with liquidsky.


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