About streaming


if i want to streaming vlc channel not gaming k for 24/12 hour if i close the Liquidsky during i make stream the live stream will close or the server still on ?


What plan do you use? Gamer and Pay as you go plans have the possibility to disable the timeout, but I never did something like that. Unlimited plan users can't disable the timeout, so it will timeout and shut down the sky computer in 20-30 minutes (can't remember the exact number).


but if mouse are moving 24 Hour the streaming will be Still live ?


if i make the liquidsky sleep all application will be close ? or will still online ?


If you use a bot to emulate mouse movement it will be detected and they will probably ban or warn you. Unlimited plan has no way of disabling the timeout feature. But, if you disable the timeout feature on Gamer Plan and close liquidsky's client, the streaming will continue.


there is no way for Use Unlimited Liquid For Live Streaming :smiley: 24/7 :smiley:


They advertised service as powerful computing platform that they have plans for to expand beyond gaming, for use in compute heavy applications, video, animation editing for example will require Sky Machine to be ON for many hours unattended until video processing completes for example. They also said that they wish Sky Machines will be used for daily internet browsing that requires high bandwidth ( streaming? ).

Running streaming server as a service is just an outbound type of regular inbound streaming if that makes sense.

If they start banning people that pay premium price 40$ a month, for keeping services on by means of auto mouse jiggle etc, they can forget being open platform, people will turn to more streamlined, overall cheaper solutions for remote gaming, PS4 etc.