Ac o. or cod bo4 anybody play that games on liquid sky?


Anybody tried that games on liquid sky?


I don’t think anyone has yet. I doubt those 2 games will work and I think someone said the latest AC game requires updated drivers (from the Discord).


Ok,i tried bo 4 when it was in beta and i got in the menu but beta didnt support controller so


I tried AC O today. unfortunatly it does not work. Game crashes when starting it.

@ dontran726
as i am new to liquid, can you tell how long it will take until the game is playable?


Not until a new driver update is released to all servers and I don’t want to guess/assume dates to bring peoples hopes up for nothing. Right now I suggest you request a refund for the game and wait until drivers are live and people are reporting that the game works.

Its a hit and miss, Far Cry 5 works without any issues for example (another Ubisoft game but not AC: O)


A Refund for the game? You mean a refund for your “service” :wink:


No, he’s talking about the game, if there’s a refund option. In Steam for example, you can refund as long as you haven’t played for more than two hours. :slightly_smiling_face:

This service is in beta, so you have to expect a certain amount of bugs and incompatibilities. LiquidSky are working om fixes, for example a driver update that was delayed due to Nvidia having issues with license scaling. These things do come eventually, but we can’t tell when (by “we” I mean us users, because moderators aren’t LiquidSky employees either - just normal users with unlocked forum god mode :wink:).

SkyCredits are usually not refunded, but you can always try to contact support at This forum is, as a general rule, the wrong place for things like this, it’s intended for user interaction/support, official announcements, contests/giveaways, etc.


Well,… if so, it should advice you when purchasing any points about having problems with certain games.
Luckily i got a refund. Got my money back and erverything is fine for me.

Don’t get me wrong. As i am a software consultant travelling a lot i would like to play my games when staying in a hotel etc.
The fact, that there is no information at all, that some games just dont work makes me upset. But you are right - “you” are not responsible for this.


Glad you could get it resolved. With server based hardware and drivers, there’s always a chance that certain games won’t work. For future reference, here’s a list of working/non-working games.


Anybody playing cod bo4 on liquid sky?


I can confirm it works. I tried it on Friday.


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