AC: Odyssey On Liquid Sky


The biggest question for me right now - does Odyssey run on Liquid Sky? Are there any LS users that pre-ordered the game and maybe tried it here? Any luck?


Game still hasn’t released, its in ‘play early’ stages. Guess we’ll wait Oct 5 (more or less) to see if it runs. If its anything like Origins (with the same engine and all, it doesn’t look promising)


Yep, I was afraid of the same thing :frowning: Well, see


preordered only to have it have it crash on start for me. did they ever get origins working?


I feel your pain, man, had a similar experience with Wolfenstein 2. I was really hoping to play AC: Odyssey next, week, though :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


thats the liquidsky driver issue, they can’t fix it for now, even origins didn’t work.


Not that staff don’t want it to get done- but keep in mind of the limited manpower that a small startup affords- Morgan is pushing for this driver to be tested internally but staff are quite busy on big Enterprise projects (which includes new hardware testing that should trickle down here, if all goes well).


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