Account hacked, can't change password, reoccuring subscription gave wrong plan, have not received credits, so on so forth


This service has become a nightmare. First, my unlimited skycomputer account is wiped and I lose everything. Then I am randomly taken off of my unlimited account and downgraded to pay-as-you-go. Then I my re occuring subscription doesn't work, then my promotion pricing that I signed up for is not honored and I am charged the normal price instead of the promotion price. I then noticed I have been charged yet no credits have been added to my downgraded accont. It takes 7 days to receive a response from tech support. Now, my account has been hacked and I can't even change my fucking password because the "change password" button takes me to upgrade plan page.. This service has a very, very long way to go because this is just completely unacceptable. I would like a refund please. Liquidsky account:


Aristotle has been good to respond today and I can appreciate that although some of my issues have still not been corrected as of yet, but they are working on them. I have decided to stick with LS for now, but LS please get some more guys on your customer service team to help. I had to wait over a week for a response and my issues still have not been completely fix. Xsolla is complete garbage also.