Account Not Upgraded *RESOLVED*


LiquidSky Fixed the problem

Hi, since Liq.Sky doesn't allow non-paying customers reach support (yay) I couldn't use the live chat option. I've paid for the Gamer plan and my XSolla reciept was sent but my account is still on pending position and waiting for a free trial- It's not upgraded to Gamer. Can someone please reach me about the issue? I really want to play watchdogs 2 on ultra :joy: Any help is appreciated.
P.S sorry for spamming but here's the reddit link:


same here, my redit post was deleted .... i'm in the same case since more then 12 hours .... :confused:


Seems like a bug with the payment integration, a lot of people are affected by this, not a good first-impression you know? :joy:


Not rly good but ... i was expecting some bugs but not at this point .... maybe bad timing... the more annoying for now is for join support ... it take me 2 min to ask Xsolla if they have a problem with me payement but for liquidsky i try mail/twitter/facebook/reddit noboddy care, cause i can acces to the "livechat"