Acer r13 Chromebook status


Thought i post this here in case someone thinks about a purchase.

  1. Its not available via Play Store (not compatible) but can be installed via APK and actually works without a problem.
  2. In laptop mode, it gets resized to an unusable size (screenshot) but in kiosk/tablet mode it works fine, though of course the keyboard will be disabled, which is a big drawback. Via chrome://flags the Chromebook can be forced into tablet mode, but still the keyboard will be disabled. Have yet to test if an external keyboard works, but that would be a sucky workaround anyway.

So, if anyone knows how to force fullscreen while keeping the internal keyboard active, thatd be the solution… but i doubt thats possible.


Did you use Developer mode? and how did you get your Chromebook? Did you get it from School or did you buy it yourself? Also you can use the Keyboard using Remotr and LiquidSky. First, you launch the SkyPC and then install the Remotr server to it and login/sign up. Then, you download the Remotr client to the Chromebook and login there. Exit the SkyPC form LiquidSky and then connect to the PC using Remotr. Now you have fullscreen and can use the Keyboard as freely as you want. The mouse doesnt work so well though (i tried it with Minecraft and TF2 it sucks) So I recommend using the touch controls or just connect a controller OR you can use touch as a mouse and keyboard as a… keyboard


Interesting, didnt think about using another streaming server on the liquidsky pc. Though i tried remotr on my own laptop and it was a blurry mess on my 5ghz wifi.

Yes developer mode is needed (though im in developer mode from day 1) to install apk’s. I bought my Chromebook myself, replaced my iPad Pro (never looked back).

My main game is D3, so id certainly prefer being able to use the native keyboard from my Chromebook… using touch controls would be possible with the touch view mode anyway.

Edit: Your solution with remotr actually works! Not sure if the quality is somehow worse then with the Liquidsky client but in general its too low for my taste. Its blurry and latency just is no fun (cannot imagine anyone ever playing a shooter with it). Though im not on lan but 5g wifi.


Chrome OS is mainly just for web browsing. Unlike windows with their exe codex. Chrome OS takes the extension and apps approach. Which means liquidsky has to run like a extension which can be very buggy. To fix this I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling liquidsky. Also keep in mind that liquidsky is not fully built for chrome books yet. If the problem continues please email liquidsky about the issue. Also know that remotr is NOT a cloud gaming service.


Well, Chrome OS natively supports Android apps nowadays as well as Google Play Store. So its running Liquidsky natively. Performance wise there are differences of course, but most games are fine (like Hearthstone, Albion Online, etc.) on my Acer r13.

Anyway, i think the performance is not yet where i would like it to be. Maybe ill come back in a few years to use up my bought credits.


Android apps are not fully supported as its still in beta and the Chromebooks screen can make liquidsky unsure as the screen isn’t a regular screen size… and the liquidsky app is not built for Chrome OS just yet.


with remotr you force the speed of internet and you make it slow , its like 2 streaming on one


Android apps are fully supported in stable releases on some chromebooks, id rather say Liquidsky wont support Chromebooks (convertibles) yet. I never had a problem with a single Android app yet on my Chromebook.

@yasuohd4: its 2 servers sitting in the background and if only 1 is connected then only 1 is streaming… so no, there are not 2 streams at the same time. Those conclusions made here from you guys remember me of my 16y old son when he was 10 years younger.


I tried liquidsky with remotr I get more lag with using both than one…


At least its kinda playable. But mostly for low end games if you arent near a good wifi signal


Well, i got it working with a little trick - changing resolution (strg & shift & +/-) on the Chromebook while in laptop mode switches the whole thing to fullscreen. So i could try the whole thing as its meant to be.

I tried Diablo 3 on a 150mbit cable connection via 5Ghz Wifi on the pro Liquidsky PC (the one that costs 120 credits per hour) with the settings to high quality and it is unplayable for me. Massive mouse and general lag and thats on a rather slow paced game compared to games like Overwatch. The visual quality still was way better then with remotr though far from a real pc.

If this is the status quo for game streaming, then im done. Does anyone get better results or do you all play Solitair or Tetris? :smile:

Edit: stupid me, its the updated client that supports landscape now. And the blurry screen is probably because of the highest possible resolution (1280x720), guess its a bug.


This still working for you? Having the same problem with my R13 and that (and other suggestions) didn’t seem to do it.