Allow people to remove / clear / modify payment methods on website!


The current model is just crazy.

  • Subscribe to Gamer plan with Paypal
  • Now LS has a pre-set payment profile
  • Once you log-in to LS, you just press a button and you bought credit

You can literally clear out someone's Paypal AND the linked bank card within minutes with this. I am not kidding. The only way to remove the payment profile is to visit your Paypal profile (on Paypal's website) and Cancel the pre-set profile there.

Again, this can't steal anyone's profile, but someone can really mess up your finance plans.


that's why you link the debit/credit card you used for Liquidsky to an account that has enough money just for it or none at all to prevent unexpected charges


I know US banks have "virtual credit cards", but it's not something every bank implements. I use PayPal to get some protection - because no bank provides protection in this, or any nearby country.

And hey, we are topping up our accounts.
There is absolutely no need to store card details!

All I am saying is that LiquidSky should protect itself, and either make the payments one-time-only, or let people remove the payment details. Most sites that store Paypal details prompt you to enter your Paypal details AGAIN before making a new purchase.

Here? You can spend ALL the money you have. All it takes is a few minutes (2-3?), and some malicious user.

But if someone has physical access to your computer...

You don't need that. It's linked to your account. If anyone steals/knows your Google password, poof, you are done. Anyone steals/snoops your cookie? Done, over. And so on, and so on.
This should not have been implemented, ever.

The solution: Disable saving payment details. Make them a "one-time-only" payment for adding credits.
Yes, if someone has a Gamer plan (or whatever it will be in the next version), then you can make that a Paypal subscription. That way the user can cancel, AND PayPal will ONLY deduct the monthly fee.



I understand, I think there will be different in next release.