Allow windows xp sp3 users use liquidsky too :)


Could u create client for windows xp sp3 users that would be great :slight_smile:


I wouldn't hope they will support win xp, since even Microsoft does not. It is obsolete and therefore unsafe to use, you should use something else


Microsoft doesn't support windows xp and you ask for support on liquidsky ._. plz update to win 7


If you can find an iso of windows 10 (theres an upgrade assisstant) or 7 u can download winToUsb to intall a version to a usb and use for liquid sky


Dear @bridget1602,

If you don't want to leave your Win XP OS and you want to get LiquidSky program, that is possible. Install a virtual machine in your computer, then install a new Windows OS inside that. Youtube is your friend on how to do this.

I hope, I help you somehow. Please free to contact me if you have an inquiry regarding your problem. :blush:


I honestly don't think you could run LS on a PC that is only capable of running XP SP3.
The decoding of the 720p/1080p feed requires a quite strong CPU.

So I don't think it's just possible.
BUT HEY, an "Intel Compute Stick", a new Celeron/Pentium CPU, a motherboard with an integrated good Atom/Celeron will be able to decode. And these are all dirt cheap options.


But like other cloud service (i don't want to make an ad here, but he is hosted at russia) they supports windows xp sp3 and its works very well .


Yep kat is right you need to pimp your XP a bit and it should fired up