ALWAYS Send an email before downgrading plan and deleting computer automatically (at least 3-7 days in advance)


This needs to happen - lost all my trust for Liquid Sky due to failure to continue auto sub and doing this. This is standard for any cloud service that you are notified about these kinds of account changes and that they don't happen automatically / arbitrarily. Please fix this because it has been extremely frustrating causing me lots of wasted time + money.


Agreed hopefully they would do something to improvise this kind of situation for buyers that pay monthly.


Totally agree.

My subscription failed to renew itself for no reason at all (plenty of money on my account).

I lost Witcher 3 save with over 80 hours on it.

Best of all, subscription randomly renewed itself todays morning.

Simple email warning would be enough to prevent this from happening.


I second this the same had happen to me. Hopefully they will fix this soon.


I would love to thank you for the warning. Now I will make sure no one else experiences this before I get a subscription from them.


Yep, this happened to me on both my work and personal account. IMO, their payment system has been my worst experience with LiquidSky. The tech has been buggy but it's in BETA so I'm fine with that. Payment systems on the other hand are nothing new and really shouldn't be this bad.


Liquidsky :slight_smile:Preformatted textemphasized text


IMO if they can't renew your subscription; you should be converted to pay-as-you-go and give you the opportunity to buy more credits for 7 days of not being able to charge your account or resubscribe.


Hey liquidsky4,

Email lead here at LiquidSky. 100% agree. This is definitely in the pipeline (sooner than you think!). Unfortunately, we can't launch this until the new LiquidSky is out. We're redoing a lot of features that will help us know when to inform you guys about the status of your account. So be on the lookout for when we release our new client!


Awesome news! I use AWS heavily at work and for personal too. I haven't had an issue yet, but they give you a week or so to pay before suspending your account, then another before terminating it I believe. I know it's not an Apples to Apples comparison, but figured I'd throw it out there.


I use Liquid Sky to run creative applications. I save all of my work to DropBox incase of a failure in the cloud. I wonder if there is a way to save game play to DropBox ? Maybe this would help to resolve the frustration of players loosing many hours of game saves. I have changed to pay as you go myself, due to problems with PayPal honouring my monthly subscription with Liquid Sky. I'm looking forward to the new Liquid Sky :smiley:


There are ways to overcome this but you still waste time having to redownload and sign in to all your apps. Even if it's only 30 minutes. If there was an issue on my end then I would sort of understand it, but when it's on their end then it's a much bigger issue. Even having a 24 hour grace period would be better so you have time to contact chat or try manually paying again.


Yeah I'm constantly having issues with my Gamer Plan auto-renewing. Right now I can't even add a payment method. I click the edit button and it does nothing. This is what my plan says atm:

Payment Method:
Add Payment to Renew Plan
Next Billing Date:

SO it's like all the data got wiped and now I can't add anything to replace it.


Contact support, they managed to turn it back on for me.


I did, but there seems to be a core problem with their system that needs to be addressed.


Happened to me today @LiquidSkyJustin, despite them having a PayPal pre-auth, they did take money out on 27 Jan, but never credited my credits, until I asked them about it, and now, 27 Feb, they downgraded me and deleted my SkyComputer while I was f***ing patching!
They need to
1) Fix that backend
2) Not delete SkyComputers without a warning email


Support is working on fixing it, but I'll still have to rebuild the system! :frowning:


Agreed, their fixing #1 will solve the majority of issues but #2 with even a 24 hour grace period is better. #1 is a major issue, I've had to contact support like 4 times now between my two accounts to essential say "Take My Money!" because their system failed to auto-renew.