[AMA] Hi, I'm the CEO of LiquidSky, Ian McLoughlin. Ask Me Anything!


Official AMA With CEO of LiquidSky, Ian McLoughlin!

HI, I am Ian McLoughlin, the creative mind behind a little thing you may have heard about called LiquidSky :smile:

As you all have come to know, we shook the gaming world with a major announcement during this year's CES 2017 in Las Vegas when we showcased the Brand-New LiquidSky. We announced a slew of improvements, GPU upgrades and then changed everything when we announced that our upcoming release would be FREE.

LiquidSky will be the world's first FREE Gaming PC.

Today, I am here to answer any and all of your questions concerning our upcoming release along with anything else you can think of.

I will be do my best to answer all questions as quickly as possible from 12PM EST - 6PM EST!

If you wanna know more about our CES Announcement and upcoming Launch in March, refer to the link below:

So with all that out of the way, hit me with whatever questions you got!


Oi eu sou um novo usuário do liquidsky, eu queria saber quando vai sair o novo usuário para android. alquém pode me responder?


As you can imagine we're all very curious about the different tiers of monthly plans you have to offer.

Can you explain the hardware specifications and price of each tier?




Are you going to support 3D games too?
Are you going to implement a reseller program?


When and where can you find out about your plans for an affiliate or reseller program? I'd like to offer your product through a Media/Retro gaming box to add value and generate additional income form the product.


hello how much performance on free computer how much ram cpu gpu.and why you removed unlimited plan


Sure a beta key would be really really nice :). I would like to know what kind of servers do you use. Virtual Machines? And will you add web browser support?


Si realmente vuestros servidores hacen lo que decis, que con cualquier PC o Tablet puedas jugar a juegos de ultima generacion, que lo unico que tenemos que tener es una buena conexion de internet... ¿No pensais que se os puede echar encima todo los fabricantes de PC? Porque con vuestra idea se termino el comprar PC gamer de ultima generacion....
Un saludo


ok so my first Q is are new users gonna be accepted to the beta????
AND Q#2 : is there a way u can GET a free skycredits form watching ads?????
AND Q#3 is cracked game legal????


When will the full product be out to purchase the packs again?


Will it basically be a Remote Desktop, or will there be accommodations in the LS client for logging in to, and 2FA-authorizing e.g. Steam accounts?

The latter would make life so much easier.


Hello, I'm From Brazil Server São Paulo I wanted to test The LiquidSky Platform and my question is:
When it arrives in March LiquidSky will be totally Free and can use any time and any day without limits?

(Please I want a BETA Key)


Hello, have you worked on the principal technical default (in my opinion) : the random freezes (2 to 5 seconds)?


A friend has been using the service and tells me it's great. My gaming group and I have been talking about it and I can't wait to try it. The guys in my group insist that the latency will never be as good as your own PC. Is that true? And how are you getting around the latency? Is it hardware? Advanced routing software?


Hi Ian, really excited to try out the brand new LS client in March.

I'd like to build a PC just to use for LS (I know I know, I can see the irony in that but my MacBook is too slow). Could you recommend any graphics cards/CPUs that would give me optimal performance for 1080p/60FPS with LS (ideally, 5ms local latency or less)?


When will you release the new Android user? Can someone tell me?

How much will 1 skycredit cost? If i was to run out of the allocated 80 skycredits in a month is there a possibility to buy more? Im planning on buying this for my girlfriend as i dont have enough money because of college so instead of buying a new pc i figured we could use this. Will the prices go up come march?


Hello, will LiqiudSky support referral system?


There will be a new datacenter in South America?