AMA w/ LiquidSky CEO 6/21


Hi everyone!

We dropped a hint that we would be doing an AMA w/ our CEO, Ian, on Twitch. Well, the time is almost here! I’d love to open this thread up and start taking questions ahead of time.

When: Thursday, June 21st at 3:00PM EDT and running from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Where: LiquidSky Twitch channel

What: AMA w/ our CEO, Ian. He’ll be playing some PUBG and answering questions from the community.

1, 2, 3 GO!



Hi,when drivers update coming?I really wanna play ac origins and new ac that will come in october.Thanks


Hi! Maybe this question is stupid and won’t be answered but I still try: What about the unlimited plan? Will it come back again in any future? Are you planning and/or thinking about it, and how to implement it? Have you any idea for prevent abusing? Remember that a very big part of the community is waiting for it! Thank you!


I have a feeling that someone will ask when will LiquidSky App come to iOS.


Hmm, what about what are some of the perks that liquidsky is thinking to give to people that are subscribed to the prestige+ plan, and also the estimate ETA for IOS/MAC users


Are there plans to add VR support and/or an Oculus Go app?


I knew someone would ask about iOS


Well- it’s a valid question and people are free to ask- there aren’t necessarily any guarantees for questions being asked at the AMA, but might as well try than not do anything at all.


Are you working towards the Tesla V100 platform and enabling gpu-accelerated encoding?


I would have asked the same question but I would already know what I would have heard.


Well things could change- maybe the AMA will give us an update… Keyword maybe, I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to ask,

  1. Why does LS android client force android mouse cursor into windows desktop unnecessarily, which breaks Steam Input from both detecting emulated gamepad properly and so Steam Input can not apply configurations for controller properly?."

Please refer to the video I shared internally which demonstrates how and why android mouse cursor should never be forced into windows apps and my "Buggy Mouse thread demonstrates many of the mouse issues caused by forcing android mouse cursor into windows apps.


  1. Can we have native USB passthrough for KB and mouse so that keyboard and mouse connected to android device behave exactly as if they were connected to skycomputer? This is part of solution to first question …

Third question would be

  1. when are we going to start seeing better android TV support?

Seeing an apk available from play store would be very much welcomed.

What I have to do to get LS/skycomputer into a state which is anywhere near like that I expect from local pc steam experience is all described in How I Got Controller W orking thread

as well as

and **Android Controller Issues thread/comments

I stopped making bug reports for individual issues as community voting system is not working (for me at least) and very few folks seem use that feature even when they can reproduce


One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Entirely possible I don’t understand the problem, but LiquidSky would be completely useless to me if it DIDN’T position the on-screen cursor in Windows apps. So, apparently, to make everyone happy, there would need to be a software switch.


I couldn’t agree more.

Prior to the Android Alpha release, the version of the LiquidSky Client available in the Play Store obviously had the manifest coded to be picked up by Android TV systems. I distinctly remember downloading the app from the Play Store and trying to apply for the Alpha only to receive a message that the alpha wasn’t ready yet.

The point is LiquidSky techs know what needs to be done to make the app available in the Play Store for Android TV users. The UI is sufficiently stable that I’m not looking for any Android TV bells and whistles necessarily. I just want to be done with the sideloading.

Clearly, many of us are using NVIDIA Shield and other Android TV devices.
Likewise, I’m sure you want and need our feedback on what’s working AND not working under Android TV.
Why do we have to continue to jump through hoops for what seems like a simple fix?


What is different in the new streamer and the old one?? Can latency be decreased using the new streamer??


Guys, try to be brief and take some specific points to AMA.
(Just a quick suggestion)


AFAIK Liquidsky is and has always been gpu accelerated through Tesla GPU Accelerators, this is fundamental feature of GRID in providing virtualized windows and virtual Quadro class GPUs to end users.

What LS devs could be looking at is using DGX or HGX to be used to train virtual bots (software) to write fixes for all the bugs in LS api, runtime and client.

GRID is Nvidias Virtualization platform but would like to know

  1. Does LS use vPC or vDWS type GRID service?
  2. Are LS devs training virtual bots in the cloud to unleash the full potential of GPU Acceleration using NGC and Tensor cores with the mighty Tesla V100?


But the V100 is top of the line and very expensive, but justified with this workload. It would likely pay for itself by allowing more users per server without performance problems. I have run hardware monitors when I get performance issues with this service. Very rare is the virtual CPU ever the bottleneck. It’s usually the virtual GPU. Hardware based encoding would be great for people like twitch streamers, as well.


Guys, please don’t discuss that here. This topic is only intended to collect questions for the AMA. Feel free to open a new topic, if you like. I can also move your existing posts there. Thanks! :slight_smile:
(@VirtualCrazeeCatMan @tehhellhound)