AMA w/ LiquidSky CEO 6/21

  1. Do LS have any plans for providing next gen XR content delivered from the cloud using vGPUs?

  1. As far as the mouse cursor, I’ve answered this a few times for you already. On Android, the mouse cannot be hidden without the device being rooted. We’ve looked into ways of making it invisible, relative mouse coordinates, hiding it, etc. Nothing works other than a root which we can’t recommend.

  2. I’ve actually been pushing internally to make this happen. I made a list of use cases for a USB passthrough for the product team. I believe they’ll be adding it to the work schedule, but I don’t have confirmation quite yet.

  3. Added this to the question list!


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When will u fix the 19Hz screen issue?


If that’s a question about a bug, please keep that in the appropriate threads. Thanks! :slight_smile:



Everyone who’s interested - the original post has been updated with the time for tomorrow’s AMA. :slight_smile:


I won’t be able to watch the stream, unfortunately. Will there be a recording available?


I think it should be saved on Twitch (as with any previous broadcast), so you should be fine- save for that you can’t live chat due to it being a historical recap. :wink:


Yep, and we’ll aim to get it up on YouTube at some point as well.


I will ask mr.Ian if they will be changing price.I mean its too expansive for me to pay 40.36 $ dollars every month.Yeah 40.36 with vat included.25% in my country.Thanks


500$ per year.Its way too expansive for this hardwer and with many games dont work becouse oudated drivers.


Ian discussed pricing and drivers. Hope you were able to catch the stream!


Is this a joke? Haha yeah sure! And the best thing is that he answered all questions! :smiley:


Do this ASAP. The AMA in my timezone was at 12.30 AM lol.


The VOD needs to be edited and stuff because the stream was basically 2 hr’s.
It will be ready once its done editing.


Yes, I will edit it when I get the chance. Realistically, some point next week!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and asked questions!