Android 0.4.14 mouse bug



Mouse does work perfectly on cloud pc, but goes mad in any game. In a game it moves too fast even by mm movements.

Hardware: Mi Box TV 3S, Logitech 2,4 GHz dongle for mouse and keyboard

Software: Android 6.0, LS 0.4.14


You need andriod 8.0 it has full mouse software


Unfortunately it does not work as well. I’ve tried it on my smartphone Samsung S8 with Android 8.0 and keyboard and mouse connected, but the result is the same.


When you plug in the mouse is it white or black


What game are you playing


The behavior is equal in all three games I have, Mafia 3, asseto corsa, Hitman 2. In Android 6 the pointer is black, on Android 8 it is white


Ya the white 1 shuld work if you look up Android 8.0 Oriole did it work before the update i play ranbow 6 seage,Destiny 2,bf3 and 4 have you looked at the raw mouse inpot try turing it off or on thats what i did to make my games work




So does it mean that it only goes well on O 8.1 but not 8.0?


8.0 works cuz i got 7.1 and my mouse is black if its white it has full support


I think 8.1 the 1 is just the security update


Could you send me a picture of mouse and keyboard settings


I’ve tried to get a picture of settings in Mafia 3 but there are only key assignment and mouse sensitivity settings from default 5.0 down to 0.1 which makes the mouse only bit slowly but still not usable. The other thing is that in manual of the game I can see two pointers one white of the mouse and another one the game internal and they are not synchron, the normal one is usable just like allwayas the game’s one is crazy fast


in the manual of the game = menu of the game typo


Hmm, sounds like this could be a result of not having mouse lock on Android. Are there any other games you can test?


Is there a raw mouse setting


There is a mouse setting speed on the phone 2 let me find the settings


The only whay to put a picture ups is the web browser site