Android alpha test app


Its kicks me out of the app when I launch the pc it say launching the sky pc and its kick me out...first feedback second feedback is I watch ads earning 5 skycredit per ads and I see only 5 sky credits after 5 ads.Does anyone have the same problem?


I'm pretty sure you copy/pasted that from your post in the Android alpha thread...
The answer's the same: it's alpha, it happens.
You know, I got that twice, simply restarted the app, and it worked.


I want to help dude and test the app :slight_smile:


Have you tried to simply restart it? Worked for me at least. :slight_smile:


Yep now I try to clean catch and data I'm waiting now.


To start the sky computer the skycredis fix by the wayi watch some ads I have 28 sky credits .