Android App Toutorial Video


I just downloaded the liquidsky app and tried to watch the Toutorial video. The video keeps stopping every sec and watching it to get my SkyComputer running is a pain in the neck.


Make sure your phone has you tube app installed and synchronized.


At least you got LiquidSky working from the beggining, I had to change my DC to get it to work.


If you are trying to do this all on same device , you will see issues like loosing mouse clicks, when you switch out and back to Liquudsky.

Mouse clicks will appear to not work in skycomputer when you switch back to skycomputer. To get mouse clicks working again you just need to use LS overlay and exit skycomputer and then simply reconnect. This gives skycomputer input focus again and fixes mouse clicks.

It must be said the ootb experience regarding streamer quality settings are probably set way below what your device and internet connection are capable of.

The android client is beautifully simple but effective and you just need to spend time familiarising yourself with available settings.

What can be really frustrating is finding workarounds for all the mouse related issues, which the tutorial for setting up android client does not even acknowledge!

It does not even show expected behaviour because it is for old and outdated client and old vm.

It does show the gist of what we can expect, but it can not be considered a tutorial because so many things have changed since that video was made.

Watching videos on other device could help you out a lot, if this is possible.

I was amazed that I could setup LS account, LS client and skycomputer all using nothing but an android tablet.

There is a pinned thread somewhere sharing info how LS users can help provide video content to be used for tutorials,


Please try not to necro threads older than about a week. In some cases it is allowed (big megathreads like the Big Game Fix come to mind), but especially in these more isolated incidences sometimes the conversation ends and the information in said thread is outdated. In this case this is talking about when the Android app first came out in Beta (if memory serves) and a lot has changed since then.