Android Hiccup solved


Hi, I write my experience of the last days…

When I used LiquidSky on my S8+ for the first time, it worked like charm. Custom setting 15-20+ with A very smooth frame. After one day even on really light and old games, the Hiccup appeared.

Smooth frames and an hiccup every 1-2 second.

Deleted Pc, rebooted router, rebooted phone, app cache deleted…for nothing, even in pro mode.

I deleted the app and then installed again…problem solved. This morning the Hiccup apperead, i repeated the procedure, now it works like charm.

Just a little tip:
to prevent the app from crash after using the connection options, wait for the warning to disappear before clicking the back button.


What do you mean by hiccup?


It’s a frame dip that occur every 1 or 2 seconds


Sounds like a cache/memory issue on your device. Wiping the app cache should do the trick as well, and would be much quicker than reinstalling.


Tried but with no luck yesterday. Maybe it’s some sort of power saving related to the app.


Might be the S8 switching to power saving cores. I noticed something like that on my S7 edge. You can either turn on performance governor if you’re rooted, or you use Samsung Game Tuner to increasae power mode to max (+4).


Yes. Next time i try deleting cache + phone reboot. Cause like you i think it’s a memory bug.


It Works. Deleting cache + phone reboot


Should be even enough to clear cache and stop the app, without rebooting