Android-smooth, pc-slow


So i tried LS on my lenovo zuk z 2 and everything was super smooth, but on my pc (core i3, some intel graphics card, 8 gb ramy, internet 120 Mb/s) game works too slow and not smooth. I have to change everything to lowest, like 720p, 30 fps and internet connection 1Mb/s and then its smooth but image quality is unacceptable. Any ideas why on more powerfull pc it works worse than on smartphone?
Edit played now (7am) and everything was smooth and no artifacts on screen. Yesterday i was trying to play at 22 pm. is it possible that servers where overcrowded and that caused the issues?


Have you tried using Ethernet or 5 GHz WiFi? Even during peak over in the Washington DC datacenter I don’t usually have issues with image quality. Can you post the specs of your PC? Because while your PC is theoretically more powerful ARM chips compared to x86/x64 isn’t really clear-cut since they are designed with specific uses in mind.


My wifi is on 5 GHz. i changed it when using android luqid sky, but my pc has internet over cable so it shouldnt matter i guess. I bought this pc like 3 days ago and except it has core i3 and intel graphics card plus 8 gb ram i dont know specific name of cpu and gpu and not sure how to check it.


you can check the CPU and GPU by opening up run and typing dxdiag run CPU will be on the front and GPU will be in the “display” tab


its intel® Core™ i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07(4cpus), 3,1ghz
for graphic card it only says Intel ® HD Graphics (core i3)


Yeah, your computer sadly does not have the sufficient computing power to run LS. To my recollection you have to have at least a Sandy Bridge and up (Haswell and later generations are better). Explains some of your issues (although surprised to see that this setup kinda worked). Stick to android if you can from now on, and see if you can upgrade your computer if you wish to play on PC.


ok thanx for clarifing things :slight_smile:


well on the other hand there was a test of my pc by liquid sky before i tried it first time and it said my pc is ok… but anyways who cares :slight_smile:


You can try to toggle hardware acceleration, and in addition, this:


I run it on a old core 2 duo 2ghz. It works fine, obviously isnt very smooth but very playable.


i find android and pc the same :v