Android tablets with data support?


im looking to use liquidsky on an android tablet with data support, to avoid depending on wifi. are there cheap(er) android tablets that support simcards with data?


Something like this?

There is a big selection under $250 if you import from china, check out reviews online (youtubers review so many of these cheaper tablets) and make sure the tablet has your 4g bands from your carrier supported.


We suggest to play over wifi to ensure that you will have a better and stable connection. However if you are subscribed to a faster and unlimited 4G connection, that is alright as well.

You can purchase any android tablets as long as it meets the minimum requirements for LiquidSky to run. It should have at least 1GB of RAM, 750MB storage and Android Version 6.0 and above. You can refer to the link here:


I can run it on android 4.1.1 haha on my phone xD


Yes, that’s possible if you’re lucky. I can run it on my crap Samsung Tab E with Kitkat 4.4, but sound isn’t working right. And if something like that happens, you won’t get much support if you don’t meet the system requirements.


Hey dont call it crap :wink: its a samsung device,respect ;D it.Im not a fan of samsung but all devices have feelings ;D and i never gonna believe no one,what they say about recommented some games need gtx 1060 for example but i still can play them with gtx 960 and with good graphics almost ultra.Some times its about the money how they will make more money and its ok.Im not angry cause i dont do what they say ;D even if they are smarter than me.I do a research first then i decide what to do.