Another frame-rate drop complaint


While I am playing on LS I get spikes of lag or instant frame rate drops down to 0 causing the game to freeze for about a second or else the screen may look like it is doing a interlaced refresh in real time. You'll see a line go up to down and a purple background. My internet is 45MBps and as the time of testing there are no devices connected to it, and I ran both pingtest and speedtest on both the SkyComputer and my computer and all results are good. I had an old laptop and got this laptop about a week ago and I have the same exact problems on both laptops so it is NOT the computer. I am not sure if it is game based but I think it does it at the desktop doing nothing also. I have played Starcraft 2, Minecraft, Creativerse, World of Warcraft, and World of Tanks all having this same issue. I have tried lowering the quality and switching encoders. Of course all my drivers are up to update. Please look into this. Thanks,


I've been having the same random freezes as you. I feel they are getting worse as time passes.
At the moment I am playing Mechwarrior Online with my brother. Both of us using LiquidSky. I won't lie to you, we just lost a match in which I was the last one alive and I died rather quickly because I got 4 continuous freezes.

These freezes/framedrops need to stop. The service is great but can be better. Those freezes are making it hard to recommend it.


I know it; if they could fix these freeze issues; LS would be near perfect!


Indeed! They ruin any fun you might have!