Any viable alternatives to LiquidSky?


Hi there,

like many, I did not get into LS before they closed registration in the beginning of January.

So I was looking at viable alternatives in the cloud computing sector. Turns out Microsoft, Google and Amazon offer solutions.

Here is where they are covered and discussed:

These offerings primarily have business customers in mind. As such, they are fairly tedious to set up but in theory should work just the same as LS.

Has anyone tried out these services before and has made it through the setup process?
Cloud gaming is nothing entirely new, it just now seems to be extending to primarily recreationally oriented services like LS and Geforce NOW.



They usually do not provide graphics cards .


Geforce Now is a totally different service. OnLive/Gaikai was also different.
LS is a first for offering a very fast VPS with a GPU included for cheap.
AND you have permanent storage.

I checked the Reddit site, but EC2 for gaming?
I mean sure, if you won the lottery... but otherwise, just no.

A dedicated EC/Azure instance is a whopping 550+ USD.
- The streaming solution itself is just cobbled together with Steam's streaming and such. Bandwidth also costs money. So if you want to stream big, you gotta pay big.
- You have to take care of the entire software stack. From the OS through the VPN and all that.
- While the GPU is indeed much stronger, the price is 10* more. That is a 1000% increase.

I cannot stress this enough. EC2/Azure makes you pay more if you use more. You pay HOURLY for everything. If you use more internet, because you downloaded something? Boom, pay. You want to stream better resolution? PAY. The bills can go really high. Not one people went almost broke because of Amazon/Azure bills.

On LS you only have to pay 40$ (for now), for the Unlimited plan.

Let's say you will sign up for Elite.
Elite is ...
10$ (gamer plan) = 20 hours of Elite.
That is 360 USD a month.

Now... you don't have to pay that amount, because no one needs to run the machines 24-7 if you just game on it.
BUT let's say you want to run it 24-7...

Lucky you!

Renting a dedicated machine with a dedicated GPU is much cheaper. = 140 EUR/month
You can also find other providers via Google.

This way the machine is "yours", there are no plus fees, and you have all the resources for yourself.


There are options other than LiquidSky but none of them are viable. They are way to expensive for the average person unless you make 1mil+ yearly.


Indeed, but if you make 1mil+, then just buy a killer PC already. :smiley:


nvidia now is another game stream service, but its very new; most of the games are not very "pc" games. i mean, a lot games (minecraft, bioshock etc) which u can play on other platform, like smartphones. So there is not a lot selection in games; at least for now.


I wouldn't consider Nvidia Now as an alternative as it is closed-catalog instead of LS which is open-catalog meaning you can install anything you want to play on it.


The new Geforce now appears to be open catalogue?


The only real competitor is the future Geforce Now service which in March will release an open catalog service. I suppose with Nvidia behind it they have a certain advantage, however their intro pricing is terrible compared to LS.

Yes there are a lot of "configure your own gaming cloud server" instructions out there through the Amazon and Microsoft cloud services, but even if you can follow them it costs way more to lease the server with the specialized graphics card then it is to subscribe to liquid sky at any level, and most rely on the steam streaming capability which doesn't work for the other stores.


I think it's likely that there will be competitors in a few months. There's no way the open market is just going to let LiquidSky gobble up all these low-end PC gamers.

It's gonna be great for us - everyone will be attempting to get the best service, because everyone will simply use the best.

Currently that's LS, and I'm curious if the "new" LiquidSky will be all it's cracked up to be.

I hope so!


but its too expensive as a gaming stream service. although it should be a reliable service, its extreme high premium price will be a huge deal breaker