Any way to get consistent 60fps using steam link app over 4glte?


I would use the android client like I used to before I got a steam controller and well I can’t go back to dual analog for overwatch. I used virtual here for awhile with the liquidsky app but the screen would tear really bad. any solutions? I have 4glte only no wifi. using a s8 and the Google play steam link app and not the one optimised for galaxy only(won’t allow me to use Ip address to connect only wifi. weird bug)


Did you try on 5 Ghz Wifi? Why can’t you use wifi? Its vastly superior than 4G LTE.


I don’t have wifi . as stated earlier. but thanks anyway.


In this scenario, I think your best bet is by reducing resource usage in every way possible on your device by exiting unused applications and moving around till you find a spot with the strongest signal to a 4G radio tower to get the least interference and fastest speeds you can get.