Anyone get Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to work


Inverted left stick and other weird in-game mapping issues. Found this thread but couldn’t find the directory/files indicated.

Running Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.


Firstly did you try using the controller mapper in the Liquidsky settings?


I did and was able to fix some of the weird mappings. Not the sticks though. When I push either stick forward or backward, the mapper stick on screen goes the opposite direction. No change when I click calibrate.


I don’t think you have to press calibrate, just click on the analog stick in the picture and then move the joystick from right to up and it should work then.


Nope. When I click either stick and push right and then up the onscreen stick goes right then down.


I can’t even get the Xbox 360 Wireless to work on my home PC. Do you have a special adapter to make it work?


I’m not sure if you can buy it seperate but there is a wireless xbox 360 controller in a red packaging that comes with a small usb transmitter ( with for some reason a massively long cord) for windows.


Ahh, interesting. But, the normal one doesn’t work without a special receiver, correct?


Just googled it. It needs the receiver, they’re $24 on amazon by themselves and can connect up to 4 controllers and 4 headsets with 1 receiver.


@TheTK421 Can you confirm which controller you’re using?


Correct, I borrowed an XBox 360 wireless controller from my colleague and that has a receiver. And I had similar problem when playing Steam and Uplay games on SkyPC. What I discovered later was that:

  1. Just before launching the LiquidSky app you need to make sure that no other client is running in the background on your host PC (non LS) that is also capturing controller input. In my case that was Steam client on my host PC causing issues.

  2. You should re-map every controller button/stick via settings window inside the Sky PC. You only need to do this once.

It’s working OK since then and I can play on Steam or Uplay using the controller. Haven’t tested the other gaming clients.



Xbox 360 Wireless Controller


It does require a receiver. Works great playing games locally on my gaming PC. Was hoping I could take it on the road with my laptop and liquidsky.


@GLaDOS_cake Not running Steam on my laptop. I’ll check to see what other apps might be utilizing the controller.


To confirm, you do have the receiver?


Correct. I have the receiver.


I tested the with Windows Game Controllers app (joy.cpl). Working fine. Looks like this is a LiquidSky issue.


Tested with joy.cpl in LiquidSky. Sticks are inverted. Does not seem to be any way to remap the sticks.

Well crap. I guess we will see if the same issue with GeForce Now when that service is released on PC.


Maybe uninstall the xbox360 controller drivers because I don’t have this issue, I might look for that config file for you.