Anyone had luck contacting the Team?


Tried upgrading to Unlimited and ask a few things about it, but my tickets go unanswered.
Anyone had luck?

  • I would like to know what will happen to Unlimited customers after the new plans roll out.
  • I would like to upgrade, if the "move" seems logical. Instead of paying for credits that is.


I have been waiting since 12:56, now it's 19:20 and they didn't answer...

(i am from Argentina)



During Jan.6th to March, there is no way to buy old plan.


It is normal to get a reply in few business days. Why would anybody reply you in 6 hours :smiley:


Yeah, but before they answered me in a few minutes, less than a hour.


Due to extremely heavy demand post CES 2017, we are experiencing slight delays from Customer Support.

Please be patient as we do our best to handle all current support requests. Our expected estimated response time is currently at 24-48 hours.

For any other immediate questions that are time-sensitive regarding payment or plan renewals, feel free to reach out to me in a private message or post in our account recovery topic, which can be found here



Any idea when tweets will receive a response? Xsolla ended up reaching out to me, but they couldn't help.


If you have a time sensitive payment issue or billing concern, we ask that you contact Customer Support in order to properly receive assistance.



Problem being that something went wrong with my payment. In turn, my plan did not change and now I do not have access to normal support.


No worries, I'll message you in a PM and assist you myself then :slight_smile:


Hey Justin, i'm messaging you but i don't get answer. Can you answer me?