Anyone here remember OnLive?


I used to use only OnLive whenever I played games on my potato of laptop. I used to go by the username OmegaVision. Just wanted to know if anyone here used that service back in the day.


I used it all the time. Bought tons of games and used their onlive box. Still have it somewhere.


I had it and was in the beta too. They sent me a beta unit for the TV adapter and I bough at least 1k of games on there that are just gone now. To tell you the truth though Sony took it over and it seems that their PS Now cloud games does work better than LS. You don't get freezes and lags like the crap from LS you get. I am very tempted to buy a Dualshock 4 and say goodbye to my expensive plan at LS and say hello to my half price plan that is also unlimited and has numerous games I want to play. I am looking for how much I get to play games for and I don't necessarily care about the quality.


I only remember it briefly, it was very laggy and choppy but I was using it on my Nexus 7 which had a terrible WiFi module and my internet speed wasn't the best. Even with all of that crap, I still geek'd out over the concept. I knew this was going to be a big thing.


I not only subscribed, I also purchased the Onlive Console and games on the thing. I've been waiting for something to replace it for a long time. I have Geforce Now, and subscribed to Playstation Now for about a year. Geforce Now isn't too bad, but PS Now was laggy.