Anyone managed to play MH World?



I am curious if anyone has managed to get Monster Hunter World to run on LiquidSky. I am not a big tech guy so when I am looking at system specs I cannot usually tell if I will be capable of running things. This is one of the things that drew me to LiquidSky in the first place, was not having to worry about that sort of thing. AC Origins was the first game I encountered that didn’t work.

So far in MH World I have been able to make it to character creation one time. I then made it to the tutorial mission one time as well on a seperate occasion. I have yet to make it past the cutscenes when you first get to the hub area. Most time the cutscenes freeze and I have to quit out of LiquidSky all together. Talking over an hour of playtime watching cutscenes that end up freezing. I have lowered all settings to bare minimum and turned off all sound. Am I just going to have to accept that this game won’t run or am I missing something?

Thanks for any help.


Doesn’t seem to work right now. There’s a driver update in the making, that shouldn’t take too long, maybe this will help.


Thanks for the response. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next update. I guess I can go ahead and keep working on Dead Cells while I wait.


Dead Cells is a great game, and it feels like you are making progress each time you die (or end your run). Anyways, theres nothing much that the user can do but wait for a driver update (which took longer than expected due to Nvidia dropping the ball)


So is mhw working yet in LS?


I checked again this morning and the cutscenes are still freezing up.


No its not. Until a driver update is released, or an update from the game devs to make it work, I suspect it won’t be working until thats happened. Sorry


Game seems to be working fine now as of Sunday morning. I’ll have to fiddle with the settings as the UI is very small to play on my phone.


Did you do something to skip the cutscenes?


I did not do anything different. The cutscenes played all the way through. There was a small update to the game on the weekend so maybe they changed something.


I’ll check again. There’s been a lot of people asking!


Quick update. This morning I was advancing the story again and the cutscenes froze me out just like the previous one arriving at Astera had many times before. Going on hunts I have not had any issues and the short cutscenes have worked fine.


So, now, we can play to monster hunter world on liquidsky without problem ?
Or there are some issues ?

I want to buy it but before i want to be sure that I can run it on liquid sky …


I have had a few people message me about my experiences asking if the game is playable.

I believe the game is still unplayable. It actually runs really well if you can get to playing, the problem is the cutscenes. I have been checking a few times a day thinking maybe something has changed, but the game continually freezes at the same spot. I am not sure what changed to get me past the first set of cutscenes.

I resubscribed to LS mainly for this game so I hope it either gets fixed or someone tells me it won’t be fixed before the next renewal cycle.


Hard to say what the issue is at the moment- could be down to drivers (as much as staff want to get it out it had to be sent back to Nvidia for fixing at scale- else you run the risk of the driver crashing and giving a black screen) or potentially issues with the game itself (in the case of games such as Assassin’s Creed: Origins the driver might not be enough [Morgan himself had to return the game personally as it wasn’t working well on his own rig {and before you say it’s anemic, it has pretty recent hardware like AMD Ryzen with a Pascal card}]).

Staff are working on things however (such as new hardware and datacenter locations [among other things with B2B partners on the Enterprise side of things]) it’s uncertain of when these will come out (the issue is in the complicated nature of coding in terms of stability- add a feature or fix one thing and you run the risk of breaking something else [or NDAs in the case of partners not being ready yet for the company to announce things]) sadly. Not going to suggest what you should do but as far as I know this is the situation- the choice is ultimately up to you. I wish I could give specifics on some of this but for a combination of potential hype train accelerating out of control and other things this is all I will say.


Thanks for the detailed reply. I appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into this service.

I’ll keep trying to figure out workarounds. Been trying to use a friend’s gaming PC to run cutscenes and save afterwords, but the steam cloud seems to be a bit finicky so I would lose progress to make this work. Even if I could pass the cutscenes and save there is no guarantee to when the same save would be available on my sky pc.

Tried various settings optimizations as well but no luck yet.

Thanks again for your hard work.


:sweat_smile: Not technically staff, but consider us mods as a bridge of sorts- while not fully being staff and knowing exactly what goes on in the LS HQ we do get some details from Morgan. :crossed_fingers: Hopefully it’ll be fixed sooner than expected but no definite ETAs (for reasons mentioned before, unfortunately).


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