Anyone plays Spellforce3 at Liquidsky?


Even with Pro mode and low graphic setting, the game works at lower than 30fps and constantly gets lags. Is there a way to boost performance?


When getting low FPS there are couple things to try:

  1. If problem occurs on Gamer try running Pro. Use FPS monitor tool like Riva Tuner Statistics Server (RTSS) app to monitor this issue.
  2. Recreating Sky PC couple times can fix this as well.

There is one issue I’ve noticed as well: If u shut down Sky PC while returning to Home page next VM relaunch will give u big lag. Simply restart LS app without shutting down Sky PC.

Hope this will help!


Well I searched benchmark and learned that thr skycomputer can’t meet minimum requirement of the game. The GPU of the skycomputer is worse than GTX660 and I can’t play the game with high quality or good performance. I’m disappointed…


I doubt that’s the reason. You can’t really compare a server gpu with a normal end user gpu. But I remember Morgan mentioned somewhere that the M60 is somewhat comparable to a GTX 1060. Should be good enough.
You should try during off-peak hours, and in case you didn’t already, monitor the fps with an fps counter in your SkyPC. In some cases, the performance of the SkyPC is fine, but the stream is choppy.


Lol if I can’t use the computer at peaktime, then what’s the meaning of the computer… Anyway, I deleted the storage and tried the game at dawn. For unknown reason, The skycomputer didn’t allow me to use Pro mode, so I launched it as Gamer mode. With minimum graphic setting, the game works at lower than 20fps. I don’t think that this will change much at Pro mode(and even if I want to play the game at least slightly better than Gamer mode, I can’t as Pro mode is unable for me now)…

Spellforce3 has GTX660 as minimum requirement and GTX970 as recommended. Though considering the fact that the game is badly optimized, I can’t think that the skycomputer has a GPU better than GTX660. Or maybe the CPU can’t meet the requrement, whatever. I hope that the skycomputer becomes stronger(also new datacenter at Seoul, currently East Asians nearly can’t use a skycomputer at peaktime).

Edit: I tested with Pro mode after I had become able to use Pro mode, and It seems that deleting storage helps. The game works at 40fps with minimum graphic setting, so that I can play the game smoothly at least.