Anyone try Dishonored 2 on LS?


I was planning on getting it, but most of the Steam reviews and comments are about how it isn't playing properly on PC. Has anyone tried it and are there any issues? Or should I just wait for the Day 1 patch that fixes these issues before picking it up?


I tried it . I have to say that on ultra setting and if you tweak the settings a bit and force high priority on the game you can play 60+ fps on medium-high with some drops here and there (also i play with a controller , the mouse support for liquidsky is horrible atm) . But a performance patch for PC is on the way so you can wait for that and I will provide you an update on the performance.


Cool. Cool. Cool.

How bad is it with a mouse and keyboard? I have a weird thing about playing PC games with a controller. It just doesn't feel right. Might have hit that point in life where learning new ways of doing things is irritating instead of exciting.


I know I'm late to this train but I had Dishonored 2 on preorder and played it since day 1 without any issues on the highest settings with the Ultra plan. But then again I am a guy who's home laptop can't play any games with fps higher than 10-15 so if a game on LS gives me 30-45 as does Dishonored 2 than I am a happy camper I am not as picky as those wanting only 60fps lol.