Anyone with a leftover beta key?


Could anyone trow a beta key my way? I'd love to try the platform!


LS stopped sending beta keys. You gotta wait for the release in march.

Edit: And the keys have expiration dates so people don't hoard them. Sorry.


i see! Well thats a shame


We might have a little surprise coming soon.


that would be amazing! I was willing to even pay for it :slight_smile: as soon as i can i will subscribe


Yes, i want to have the beta key to try. if it is powerful and reliable enough, i will consider purchasing the plan. best regards


Already excited :slight_smile:


i'm so bummed i didn't have money on my card when i got the skip the line offer :smiley: damn i just can't wait to try it out as i recently switched to mac because of work i haven't been able to game much xD my windows pc also broke :smiley: just can't waitttt


Do you automatically get entered into the beta queue when you paid for a plan back before Jan 6th? Not that I am overly fussed about being in the beta currently but I have not seen any registration form or anything for it and on my account it says nothing about it.


The skip the line button supposedly did that but i also failed to find the purchase button


Skip the line button? I didn't see that either? (I'm a current subscriber, does that make a difference?)


It came as promotion in a newsletter and it redirected to the pricing portion of the website... but you can't do anything further from there


Ah! THAT skip the line button! :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah :slight_smile: well we can only wait now


i think the ppl without beta keys (including me) have to wait till late February; since there will be new plans, 'skipping the line' option is not possible:(


well it's not possible atm for sure