Are Emulators ok?


Dose anyone know if were allowed to get emulators? like nox, bluestacks, or the classic ones?


Emulators are fair game. It's downloading illegal files like boot files (like for ps1 for example) and roms that are against the rule as that falls under piracy.


thanks man, but bluestacks should be an exception 1000's of people used, And I'm pretty sure it would run amazing on LS


I would say they are allowed as long as you pay the proper fees and own everything you rent/use.


However LS cannot (easily) check software you'r using and analyse all packets you receive. LS has BitTorrent traffic check for now and can ban you for using torrents.


But how can they ban you for BitTorrent traffic since some modern down-loaders use the BitTorrent interface to download from other people so your download is faster and you don't put a heavy on one certain server?


You're talking about Peer-to-Peer downloading like what the Blizzard portal does? That's simple enough. They have exceptions for certain trackers that let them slide through. That seems like the most efficient way to decide between allowed BitTorrent traffic and not-acceptable traffic. Most game portals only use the Peer-To-Peer exchange when their servers are under heavy load. Like when a massive update or patch drops and a large portion of their userbase is trying to get it. On most regular days, there's no point in using it.


Your probably right, they probably flag you if they see stuff running like torrent programs.


They use Akamai or their own solutions. They aren't p2p, just CDNs and parallel downloading from one or more servers. And they don't use BitTorrent protocol.



Since I have a very low end PC, my plan is to play my game through an emulator and play my game. Thanks for your responses guys, you save my day.

KoPlayer/Nox emulator + RO mobile ( :grin: