Are there any plans give users higher clock speed CPU cores? Or at least 2(better 4) cores at a higher frequency


I can’t imagine myself recommending or paying for LiquidSky ever if this is all you can get. It’s a horrible experience. Yes the technology is interesting and it’s pretty nice what has been achieved when you think about it. But as a user experience - it’s not something I’d even consider paying for. The quality at which you get to play your games is too low to justify the price.
It’s not exactly the quality that the issue lies, it’s game stability. Framerates are rarely around 60fps even for not too CPU intensive games. The GPU is more than capable, but is held down by the measly 2.6GHz.

As an example Heroes of the Storm on the lowest settings and an outdated 1366x768 resolution can’t get anywhere near a stable 30fps. 30fps is already pretty bad, but even that can’t be achieved on the lowest possible settings besides resolution.

(I’d like to emphasize that the FPS counter in the screenshot is in a very uneventful moment and could be considered a minor peak. Normal gameplay hovers between 14-25fps leaning more towards the lower part of that range)

What’s also seriously concerning is LiquidSky claiming the Sky PC is in Frankfurt, Germany. The ping from there should be between 20-50 in most cases. In the screenshot it’s way higher than that, which is a pretty serious problem.

I can give props to LiquidSky for the recent input latency optimizations, there’s a huge positive difference from last time but with such a high ping a generous portion of the optimizations vanish from a user’s perspective.
Not to mention all the latency created from inconsistent frametimes because of the CPU being overloaded and trying to catch up constantly.

TLDR: LiquidSky doesn’t seem attractive as a product due to low CPU clock speed. For the amount you pay, it’s expected to get a computer capable of running games smoothly, not barely be able to run games at all.


HotS is a weird case. The official system requirements are a joke, so it should run fine even on a complete potato pc. If the LiquidSky hardware components were too weak for this game, it would be impossible to run any modern AAA title.

The servers are located in Frankfurt (IBM Softlayer). Problem with the IBM servers is that the geoloacation of their IP addresses is off (I found myself in Kansas, for example). So it’s possible that you’re placed on a US game server automatically. You might want to check that, and select an EU server manually.


Also going from Xelasarg note, I seen people who played HoTS as well and they are getting 30 FPS (this is the exception)

Many people played GTA V, Fortnite and Witcher 3 with very good graphics settings and getting 60 FPS easily.

Also not sure if you got the memo: but Blizzard has updated their EULA that you can get banned for playing any of their IPs on a cloud gaming server (not just limited to us)
I would avoid playing any Blizzard games (Activision games are not affected) for the timebeing


The problem with HoTS is, as @Xelasarg says, that the minimum reqs are almost an insult. I can even run it on my potato laptop (i7-5500U, 8GB of RAM, Intel HD 5500 graphics on Low settings) just fine at 30fps minimum. And it’s also worth bearing in mind that you have to be careful with competitive games as there WILL be other kinds of lag (namely input lag), as well as with Blizzard IPs in general (can ban you for using LS and other cloud gaming services for some reason :confused:) One more thing to bear in mind is that this game in particular is CPU bound, so there will obviously be more heavy CPU usage in general.


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