Are we able to use Bluetooth Mouse and Bluetooth Keyboard?


I’d like to use them with Android Client.
It will makes my phone like a computer, lol.
So, can I do that?
Will anything go wrong?
I wanna play Rainbow Six and Cities: Skyline with my SC, becuz my laptop sucks :stuck_out_tongue:


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On the android client the keyboard and mouse support is not very good. I’d stick with the computer if you want to use keyboard and nouse.

Taking it further bluetooth and wifi on many phones have to share resources (controllers/antennas) and can not only add the usual bluetooth related lag but effect your wifi as well. There are a few phones specifically made to be able to do this though (the samsung s8 series of phones).


I have no worry about my WIFI connection becuz I set my stream quality to over 15Mb/s and nothing went wrong. But when will they fix these annoying issues?
BTW the Internet connection due to my laptop is SERIOUS. There may be HUGE lagging with it.
Thx 4 your suggestion :slight_smile:


Android Oreo new API supports proper mouse capture. However because its only on Android 8 only the Pixel devices have it. It will be a while until proper mouse support will work.
Even if LS were to support it, you would need a Pixel device or a phone with Android 8 (which is not many - S8, S8+, Note 8, S7, S7 Edge and a few others are expected to get the update)

Also unless you have Bluetooth 5.0 (like the S8) then don’t bother with going wireless…


@dontran726 You forgot to mention that many of the cheap Nexus devices have received Oreo also. My Nexus 5X got it.


Really? I thought Google would abandon those devices tho. (plus lots of people having bootloop issues on their Nexus devices)
Good to know those are still in support…


Yea; I was fortunate to not be affected by the boot-loop issue that occurred but they even released android 8.1 Oreo Just in December for the Nexus devices also. They get security updates for another year before being phased out. I was surprised they got 8.1 since they are end of support for software.


older topic, but im also looking to use bluetooth keyboard and mouse on a tablet with liquidsky android app. Isnt irrelevant whwther android supports mouse? The mouse will be used inside the app on the remote computer, it isnt used on android itself.right?


Even if you will be using the mouse for the app itself, you are still using the Android device to make it work. It is relevant that the Android device you have supports proper mouse capture which happens to work only on Android 8.

If you would like to use your bluetooth keyboard and mouse, it would be best to use the PC in playing LiquidSky as you might experience a huge amount of lag with the tablet when you use bluetooth connection.


ah k, but when i use liquidsky on my windows tablet, im using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, doesnt have lag. have a windows tablet, but id very much like to use an android tablet. also, the playstore hosts many apps which add mouse support to android, some require root which i have. with those apps it could ahave mouse support right?


You can try though since your Android device is rooted. With rooted devices, a lot are possible. And if it works for you, feel free to share it with the community on how you made it work.


Hey guys super curious about this myself but for PC. Trying to use my Power Beats with liquid sky and I get no audio through liquid sky when I have them on. Any workaround for this?

I’ve got a 3.5mm jack over the ear set but there’s no mic in them so I’d prefer to use the earbuds.


Does the audio work when using the earphones that uses the 3.5mm jack but no audio using the Power Beats using bluetooth?


Yes the audio works with those and the Power Beats work through my main computer but through the LiquidSky virtual machine I’m getting nothing. I know it’s not an issue with the earbuds because they work just fine even when LS is running if I’ve got audio coming through my laptop.


@MrEMeat, have you already tried resetting your power beats or check if there is an update for it since it seems the SkyComputer is no detecting it.