Assistance with Steam Auth


Hey all, I am having an issue. Steam insisted on using only one mobile number and now that number is cancelled is gone forever, I am unable to authenticate to log in. I am logged in to steam on my PC however on LS I can't login at all because I can't get past mobile authentication. I switched away from metro-pcs to a cheaper carrier so I wiped my phone thinking that I needed to get rid of the metro settings because I am a paranoid freak lol. I have already submitted a support ticket and I am waiting. My recovery code does not work for some reason. Do you guys know how long Steam usually takes to respond to such things or if there is another way to get the authentication off without that previous phone number and recovery key.


Without the recovery key, its not too hard to switch the authenticator. But without the phone number and the recovery key you're going to have to wait on Steam Support to fix that. Its pretty simple and doesn't take too long at all. At most, they might ask you for a driver's license or some other form of ID just to validate your identity. There's a post on the Steam forums about this and if I remember correctly it said that this process shouldn't take longer than 12-24 hours.


Thanks Devshard, I have ID so it will not be a problem at all.


I don't know what country you live in, but do your carriers not allow for phone numbers to be transferred from one carrier to another?


By law they are required to allow you to transfer IF you have active service with them when the number is ported. I couldn't afford the bill and didn't like the phone number anyways so I just told the carrier I have to cancel the entire account which means the number was released. I honestly totally forgot about Steam :frowning: