Automated rule to flag all beta/payment posts?



Can one of the mods setup some automation rules or something to just remove all of these beta key messages and just email the poster to tell them they wont get one and cannot buy access until march or something? a good 50% of the current posts are some permutation of:

  • Can I have a beta key?
  • Why cant I pay for access?

I am pretty sure Discourse has some form of mod/rule tools to be able to just flag/moderate these without everyone else having to get notifications of yet another person asking for a beta key so they can tell their friends about this (who will also want a beta key) etc.


Yes, if you click the "..." then flag button underneath a post. It flags it up and brings it to our attention :slight_smile:


It is not really content that is breaking any rules or anything though so I dont want to be "that guy" who flags content that someone does legitimately need help for.

You could easily auto flag posts which contain "beta key" which would mean mods need to verify them first right? which would stop their community being "beta key request simulator 2017"

I am just watching "New" posts and I cannot move for these sort of posts at the moment so its not like they are hard for you guys to miss.


When you flag a post it doesn't automatically get removed. Mods get a notification and we manually review each one :slight_smile:

As for myself. I only really have time to check the forums every now and then as I have a full time job (I don't work for LS either! Just voluntarily helping them out with modding) and other mods here have a whole lot of other tasks to deal with within LS!