Back up before wipe?


Hey all,

Just wondering (since all our sky computers will be wiped after beta is over) if there will be a way to back up that content so we don't have to download everything again and start over? Thanks.


I guess you could upload all the files to some kind of cloud (Google drive, etc.) and then download it from there.


That's always possible, but I was moreso wondering if there would be an official way. For example, they can save an onsite Windows system backup that we can restore when they switch to Windows 10.


with LS's connection games don't take long to download unless they have horribly configured systems which screws up the download speed but most are fine so don't take to long and I've always been using google photos/drive for my stuff so the wipe won't be an issue and shouldn't really be for anyone else

c'mon they have a fibre grade 1gig connection which with some sites download at over 100mbs and with steam half that or more depending on server load etc.


I have software that only allows licence on 1 device, I'd have to go back through support of companies to retry getting licence back and all that hassle so I think people would rather just have that system saved etc but o well


obviously many people who use LS like I mentioned use the services I talked about or either use services that have similar functionality now your problem is something that i guess needs to be talked with the ones who supplied you the software and need to explain the process that Liquidsky is going through with upgrading their systems and how that changes things for your licence. Goodluck :slight_smile:


Even with a gigabit connection, the actual download speeds depend on the game's servers. Something like World of Warcraft downloads very quickly, but try to download LOTRO and you'll be sitting there for about an hour. :slight_smile:


What does your ISP give you without LS speed? lol like I said it won't take as long when using LS vs our own connection not sure what you get but me my ISP gives me 25mbps and the download speed at best for me is 3mbps and worse when using optimized servers

that hour would be worse if we used our own internet lol so that hour really isn't that long :stuck_out_tongue:


Because of how slow the download is, it would take about the same amount of time with my ISP


lol that's an lotro issue, LS has a gigabyte grade connection so only way you get the best possible download speed is bothering the lotro staff and tell them to optimize the client download :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah they're not going to do that a decade after release :slight_smile: But it was just one example to make a point about back ups