Ban when loggin in on some android devices


When I login in on my android device (it's not a emulator) my account was banned. (Now I in my 2nd account)


Are you rooted? Maybe you have an app or something that is conflicting with LS. I would recommend you to reset your android device and don't restore your backup and that should get ya fix up!


Now I have a new device and it isn't rooted. I think my account was banned becouse I use emulator, but it is not an emulator. (My friend has same tablet. He banned too. Support answer "you use emulator", but unbanned him.)


Well if they un-banned your friend, I would think you could put a support request to lift the ban. Avoid rooting and using apps that are not in the Play store or anything that looks fishy,


Well, I saw the same complain from the other communities, it is actually due to the reason using tools like Bluestacks, Yeshen etc.

So don't use those tools which is not supported.


I don't used emulators. It is very unpopular firm.


I wasl also banned several months back. Twice. I have a cheap Android box that identifies as "Mini MX-G." IIRC, the explanation given to me had something to do with someone else using a similar box being banned, and somehow other users of the same box were being banned, too.

AFAIK, I didn't have anything installed that I shouldn't. The box was rooted, but that's just how the OEM firmware is -- I wasn't using a custom ROM, nor did I do anything to explicitly root it. Sadly, I stopped using it because I didn't want to keep being banned. Which is a shame, because I bought that box specifically for use with LiquidSky.

Anyway, support was good about it and unbanned my account both times it happened. Since then, I've stuck with using the Windows client exclusively and haven't been banned since.