Banned by Xsolla and can't buy skycredits



I have a problem where I tried to buy one time use skycredits and I received the error code 3032. I contacted Xsolla Inc about the issue. They said I had a “initiated dispute dated 23/04/2017,” which I don’t understand as I hadn’t even openned an account until this year, 2018, but I did what they asked of me to try and fix the error. After going back and forth a few times they told me my account is locked and they will not unlock it in the future and “This decision is final and can not be contested.”.

I understand you are using a third party, Xsolla, as your payment service but this doesn’t make sense to me. I would try to continue to work with Xsolla but as their email said this decision is final, I do not know what I can do. Also, they did not say exactly what was banned, my user name? Email address? Basically what do I have to do to find a work around to be able to try to Liquidsky and see if it is a viable option for myself. Any advice would be greatly helpful.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Is there any chance you could had done a chargeback through another service that uses Xsolla? Like Twitch for example? It doesn’t have to be from LS exactly.

When you contacted them was it through the phone or chat? If you did it via live chat, please call them instead.
You might have to ask them if its caused by email account or card number to get it more specific.